Reflecting on my 1 Year Colorversary

It all started with a set named Coral Bay in a warm Arizona winter. I was amazed how easy the nail strips were to apply and the sparkle was something to admire. It was a chance to have enviable nails without the cost or hassle of visiting the salon.

So when Color Street launched in Canada on August 9, 2021, I signed up to be a Stylist so I could get a discount on the nail strips. I thought I might sell a few to family and friends, but it was really to get them for myself. After all, I had just started another business to employ all the effort I had invested in grad school.

As the compliments came in and the website traffic picked up, things just took off. I started to invest more time into this offering, lots of the skills I was using to build my other business were transferable. The bonus of Color Street though, is that nail strips are the product, not my time and expertise. I was limited by how many hours of the days I can be researching and teaching, but people can buy nail strips at all hours of the day, lots and lots of nail strips.

The number one perk for me has definitely been having beautiful nails. While Coral Bay has been retired (I have 1 set saved in my special stash), I continue to discover other colours and designs that give me delight in a simple glance whether driving, working at my computer or sitting in a meeting.

However, there have been other perks too. The effort I have invested has compounded the rewards. I'm super excited to have earned the Destination Color incentive trip to Riviera Maya in September. Not only will I get to enjoy all the fun Color Street has planned for us, but I'm also spending a few days with a dear college friend who is flying in from Florida - we don't get to see each other enough and Mexico is closer to Orlando than Calgary!

I have a pretty full plate, and I wasn't looking for another thing to do, but this opportunity just came knocking, and wow am I glad to I opened the door.

I'm looking forward to what the coming year affords - Destination Color Jamaica is certainly in my sights! (Yes, I love to travel!!) Plus, my team of fellow Stylists is growing, and it is thrilling to support them and see how they are working this business to deliver the perks they enjoy.

Stylishly yours,

Color Street provides people with an opportunity to create their own path of success and

supports them with tools and trainings to help them develop their skills! Is it time for you

to determine what you are worth, rather than letting someone else dictate that for you?

While there is no guarantee of income or rank success, this is your journey, and the

destination is in your hands.

See: https://www.colorstreet.com/fingertipfashionista/typicalparticipantearnings


I love working with new stylists, helping you wear and share Color Street. You get paid to have beautiful nails! By joining The Fingertip Fashionista Team of stylists, you get the encouragement and support to make this opportunity whatever you would like it to be.

Whether you have a career and are looking for a side hustle, are a full-time mom who wants some extra income on your own time, or someone retired and looking for something fun to do in this next season, Color Street is brand new to Canada, which means there is a huge opportunity to introduce people who have never heard of this awesome manicure revolution.

Then, let's connect and see how Color Street fits with your goals.

Email me at connect@fingertipfashionista.com

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