I love all things pretty...

Since I was little, I have been a pink-loving, girly girl. My Mom was a hair stylist and I grew up with a plethora of options to express my unique style - perms, colours, and crimping irons, you name it, we tried it. Playing with hair and make-up came early. This picture is legendary, captured when I got into my Mom's rouge when I was three. Thankfully I've up-leveled my application skills since then :-)

We lived on a farm, so going to the mall like in the movies was not really a thing. However, as a teenager I learned to sew and imitated stuff I liked in popular magazines. I even made a papier mache hat once!

It wasn't until I went away to university that I got into nails. There was something alluring about that attention to detail. First, I settled for drugstore brands and applied my own polish. When I started working, I could finally afford getting gels or acrylics. I loved the look, but it was an investment.

Then, life got busy. I was a new Mom and priorities shifted. I kind of thought nails would drift into the rear view mirror of my life. Thankfully, all that changed when I discovered Color Street nail strips! It offered the convenience and affordability I need right now in my life. And so my fingertip fashion is back! Plus, as an independent stylist I get to help others express their style too.

Stylishly yours,


I love working with new stylists, helping you wear and share Color Street. You get paid to have beautiful nails! By joining The Fingertip Fashionista Team of stylists, you get the encouragement and support to make this opportunity whatever you would like it to be.

Whether you have a career and are looking for a side hustle, are a full-time mom who wants some extra income on your own time, or someone retired and looking for something fun to do in this next season, Color Street is brand new to Canada, which means there is a huge opportunity to introduce people who have never heard of this awesome manicure revolution.

Then, let's connect and see how Color Street fits with your goals.

Email me at connect@fingertipfashionista.com

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