Let's Host a Party Together & Get You Some Free Nail Strips?

Interested in booking a Nail Bar? Send me your info and I'll be in touch.

Introduce your family and friends to mess-free nail polish and luxurious beauty and get rewarded.

We call it a Beauty Social and we can do it in-person or virtually. It can even be as simple as a link you share via email, text, or Snapchat - wherever your people hang out. All orders will be credited to you and you earn free polish, beauty and half-priced items.

At an in-person party, I come to your place with samples and some fun activities for the evening. I'll demo application and share some of the creative things you can do with Color Street. This is not your grandma's nail polish or make-up!!

A virtual Color Street Nail Bar is an event you host with the Fingertip Fashionista via Facebook or Zoom for friends near and far. I will demo the Color Street nail strips and share the latest styles for you and your invitees.

An OTG (on the go) Beauty Social is like a webpage with some videos, photos, and info that share the story about the convenience and creativity afforded by Color Street dry nail polish strips and the new beauty line. Your people can browse on their own time and order from your unique link.

Regardless of which party you choose, you’ll have a blast discovering new trends in nail beauty, all while earning rewards when your guests fall in love with Color Street too.

Fall styles will launch soon and that is a perfect time to have a party! BOOK your party today by filling out the form on this page.

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